Let The Magic Flow
LIVE Online Two Day Water Biohacking Retreat
with Joshua Dharma and Kacper Maciej Postawski
How to Use Advanced Water Science To Do The Seemingly Miraculous and 'Impossible'
Sept 16th - 17th @ 3PM EST
*Instant replays available for all participants
Let The Magic Flow
LIVE Online Two Day Water Biohacking Retreat
with Joshua Dharma and Kacper Maciej Postawski
How to Bio-Hack Water To Do The Seemingly Miraculous and 'Impossible'
Sept 16th - 17th @ 3PM EST
*Instant replays available for all participants
Join Us For an Epic Two Day Deep Dive Into The Secret Science of Water, Ancient Egypt,
& Hands on Training In Advanced Water Biohacking for Rapid Healing and Spiritual Growth
Here's What You'll Learn At The Event:
The Things About Water You Were Never 'Meant' To Know
For centuries the real truth about water has been hidden from humanity. Learn about water's most closely guarded secrets, it's role in structuring our DNA and recent scientific findings indicating water plays a role in turning light into matter.
Using Water To Awaken Your Ancient Metabolic Pathways
How to use water to shock your ancient metabolic pathways into full gear.  This ancient practice induces a complete metabolic reset and forces the brain to begin re-stabilize all your natural hormone levels, including dopamine and serotonin. If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, depression, or any type of hormone disorder, this is epic information that could alter the course of your life.
The Water Healing Initiation
of The Ancients 
Long before our time, powerful healing modalities and technologies were closely safe-guarded by the inner-most priest class in ancient Egypt, among these was a powerful water healing initiation which lasted over a month.  Since the last decade, these secrets have been coming out in the open, and thousands of people are using water alone to heal and reverse disease, you'll discover what it is, how it works, and everything you need to know to get started.
How To Structure Water Without Spending a Fortune
Learn quick and easy water structuring hacks that allow you to create epic water at home without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on machines.
Advanced Water Biohacking
Scientists have recently uncovered a naturally occurring carbon molecule that is doubling the life-span of some organisms. See exactly how to use these molecules safely to bio-hack your water to create the ultimate tool for nutrient delivery, energetic healing, and anti-oxidant properties.
How to Use Pyramid Power To Charge Water
Scientists in Russia have discovered that certain type of pyramids have a tremendous effect on water and consciousness, discover how build your own pyramids at home to charge your water with these powerful frequencies.
Countering EM Pollution With Quantum Field Tools 
Learn about quantum field technology you can use to program your water with life-affirming frequencies, instead of having your water at the whims of the electromagnetic pollution commonly found everywhere.
How To Biohack Your Internal Waters
We often get so focused on the water we're drinking we forget about the deep water inside of your cells, you are 99% water!  Learn the daily practice you can do to get the water inside of your cells filled with light.
Light Mastery For Restoring Your 3 Bodies
Learn how to filter sunlight so that only the 3 most important frequencies get programmed into your water that specifically work on your physical, etheric, and emotional body.
Ancient Ayurvedic Water Storage Secrets
Ayurvedic principles for storing water so that we've completely overlooked in our modern culture. 
Epic Water Additives For Mineralization and Beyond
Get the definitive download on water additives, learn everything you can do with water to take it to the next level.
Down the Water Conspiracy Rabbit Hole
Want to know the real reason why our skies are being sprayed, and why our water is being poisoned?
Sept 16th - 17th @ 3PM EST
Join Us LIVE For This Jam Packed Online Retreat

Only $47.
What makes this event special, why is it a retreat?
We'll be taking two days to dive deep into the ancient esoteric mysteries of water and sharing some pretty advanced cutting-edge science about water which you'll be able to immediately apply into your life to create results in your well-being on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.  We're calling this a retreat because we're going to be treating it like one, we'll be spending two days with you going deep into this knowledge.  Let the Magic Flow is not just about bio-hacking water, it's about stepping into a new way of being in life, using water and this science to align your entire being with the new frequencies pulsing through this planet right now, and letting the magic in your life flow again.
Will The Event Be Recorded? Will There Be Replays?
Yeah, we're using WebinarNINJA for the event, the event will be recorded automatically and replays will be distributed immediately after the webinar ends.
Will I Be Able To Ask Questions?
Yes! Using WebinarNinja we have the ability to bring any participant on live with audio and video and have a blast.  We're going to be stopping for questions and answers very often during the event, the interaction is what makes it fun.
When Will The Event Take Place and What Time?
The event takes place on September 16th - 17th at 3PM EST
Will Transcripts Be Available?
Yes, however not immediately, give us at least a week to put those together after the event.
Can I Share This Event With Another?
When you register you will be able to attend with one computer, but that doesn't stop you from sharing the event with a loved one or a friend, you can participate together.
Let The Magic Flow
LIVE Online Two Day Water Retreat