"Incredible Things Are Happening With Water..."
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The water bio-hacking course does this, this and this allowing you to take your water to the next level.
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There Is So Much More To Water Than We've Ever Been Led to Believe...
  •  There are scientists now teleporting DNA through water... mind-bending experiments that are completely changing our understanding of biology, our true origins, and the structure of our reality.
  •  Water has memory and is like a living quantum-computer millions of years more advanced than any computer we have today.
  •  The memory of water in your cells is actually creating your reality.  When you transform this water.... your whole life can change.
  •  Certain elements in water can revert the DNA of GMO plants back to their Hairloom state... in the same generation.
  •  Small pockets of people all over the world are now healing themselves with nothing but water, and turning the medical establishment completely upside down.
  •  There's a massive transformation in consciousness unfolding on Earth right now... and the water on our planet, and the water in your body, has a much bigger role to play than we've ever thought in this grand event we've all come here to witness...
And so much more...

Water is the key.
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About EVER & Kacper
Our mission is to be of service to humanity by connecting people with the ancient new wisdom, and cutting edge breakthroughs in health and science that change forever how you look at this reality, awaken within you the recognition of who you truly are, and the true creative and co-creative power of your consciousness.

We recognize that there is a massive consciousness shift cooking on this planet right now, that there have been secrets hidden from humanity for ages, and a massive control grid manipulating human consciousness which has kept us blind to our true potential.

We feel now is the time for everything that has been hidden and suppressed both within us and on a planetary level to be brought into the forefront of our awareness.

Whether it’s bio-hacking water, healing from our collective human trauma, un-earthing forbidden science, or looking at the true nature of our consciousness, we’re here to face it all with love, laughter and understanding.

Everything under the sun. 
Kacper Maciej Postawski is the co-founder of EVER and has spent most of his life involved in the field of studying breakthrough science and consciousness; he lives in Ecuador, and spends most of his free time hiking mountains and jumping into freezing cold water-falls.

His main passion these days lies in working with water and sharing wisdom that can help others move forward closer towards their own breakthrough.

Let The Magic Flow!